The Outstanding Value of New Glass Shower Doors in Michigan

SHOWERDOOR5Let’s come clean. Everyone loves a good shower, and the model of your shower aids in the quality. One of the most overlooked features of a shower is the shower door. There’s a few different options on a glass door: Clear doors, frosted doors, opaque doors, or patterned doors.

Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2013 is out, and the findings are very interesting. The report simply compiles the average costs for a number of home remodeling projects and then compares those figures to the value that the projects add to a home’s selling price.

To make the report as relevant as possible, the researchers divide the country into regions to allow for variations in costs of labor, materials, and housing. The results for the East North Central region, which includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois, are shown here.

The first thing you’ll notice from the list is that all project cost vs. value ratios are up, which indicates that the housing market is recovering. The second item of note is that Bathroom Additions and Bathroom Remodels are numbers 4 and 5 in terms of value. Generally speaking, a bathroom addition will recoup 54.8 percent of its cost and a bathroom remodel will recoup 65.2 percent of its cost. (To get the most insight from the report, check the explanation of “What the Numbers Mean.”)

The caveat here is that you use the highest quality materials in your remodel. NuWay Supply is proud to offer a wide range of products for kitchen and bath remodeling. We have certified designers on staff to assist you in planning your remodel, and we employ professional installers throughout southeast Michigan Oakland County.

Nuway Supply’s shower doors, made right here in Michigan, come in standard and custom models, most of which are not even available at the big-box home improvement stores. All of Nuway Supplies’ models, from basic to high end, feature:

  • Corner angle-reinforced doors and panels;

  • Undersize custom units at no extra charge;

  • Easy-clean tracks on bi-pass doors;

  • Full-length universal piano hinges on all doors (except those for steam units); and many more quality features.

Cambria offers interest-free financing on your project up to $45,000, and we pride ourselves on customer service that is second to none. AUTHOR’S NOTE: Nuway Supply’s has a June special of 10 percent off Euro shower doors! So don’t wait—contact a professional for a consultation today.


Custom Shower Systems: Selecting The Apt One

Custom Shower SystemsIf you’re looking to select a custom shower base but have found yourself besieged with choices, here you have the options. Expanded or extruded polystyrene, mud set pans, cultured marble and solid surface Corian are just some of the common options. Letting know the choices in not any major problem – it’s finding the best alternative for you that could be tough. Here are few steps which will help you guide through in taking the decision best decision for your custom shower systems.

Step 1 – Recognize your options – In the past the most commonly used custom pan was a mortared mud set (it did not need specialized materials and many tile setters were well-known with the process). Though there was a lot of acquaintance with this approach, the failures with this system became too general, as well. Now systems like extruded and expanded polystyrene and solid surface bases are gaining high regard for their long term performance and ease of installation.

Step 2 – Know how the position of your bathroom influences your selection – If your project is situated on the second floor with stairs which are difficult to contrive; it may accurately be impossible to use a cultured marble unit or heavy solid surface for the reason of their weight and the ability to fit the pan throughout the door might not be possible. If access is difficult, the mortared and extruded/expanded polystyrene systems are best.

Step 3 – Decide how important a totally waterproof base will be to you– expanded polystyrene bases and Solid surface are complete waterproof and factory made as one assembly. In the case of a concrete base it is handmade at the job spot and its long term success is totally reliant on the skills and knowledge of the field installer or proprietor.