The Outstanding Value of New Glass Shower Doors in Michigan

SHOWERDOOR5Let’s come clean. Everyone loves a good shower, and the model of your shower aids in the quality. One of the most overlooked features of a shower is the shower door. There’s a few different options on a glass door: Clear doors, frosted doors, opaque doors, or patterned doors.

Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2013 is out, and the findings are very interesting. The report simply compiles the average costs for a number of home remodeling projects and then compares those figures to the value that the projects add to a home’s selling price.

To make the report as relevant as possible, the researchers divide the country into regions to allow for variations in costs of labor, materials, and housing. The results for the East North Central region, which includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois, are shown here.

The first thing you’ll notice from the list is that all project cost vs. value ratios are up, which indicates that the housing market is recovering. The second item of note is that Bathroom Additions and Bathroom Remodels are numbers 4 and 5 in terms of value. Generally speaking, a bathroom addition will recoup 54.8 percent of its cost and a bathroom remodel will recoup 65.2 percent of its cost. (To get the most insight from the report, check the explanation of “What the Numbers Mean.”)

The caveat here is that you use the highest quality materials in your remodel. NuWay Supply is proud to offer a wide range of products for kitchen and bath remodeling. We have certified designers on staff to assist you in planning your remodel, and we employ professional installers throughout southeast Michigan Oakland County.

Nuway Supply’s shower doors, made right here in Michigan, come in standard and custom models, most of which are not even available at the big-box home improvement stores. All of Nuway Supplies’ models, from basic to high end, feature:

  • Corner angle-reinforced doors and panels;

  • Undersize custom units at no extra charge;

  • Easy-clean tracks on bi-pass doors;

  • Full-length universal piano hinges on all doors (except those for steam units); and many more quality features.

Cambria offers interest-free financing on your project up to $45,000, and we pride ourselves on customer service that is second to none. AUTHOR’S NOTE: Nuway Supply’s has a June special of 10 percent off Euro shower doors! So don’t wait—contact a professional for a consultation today.


Cleaning Up The Shower Glass Door

Shower Glass DoorWe always have difficult time with shower glass doors cleaning. Glass doors are mostly the deposit of hard water, mildew and soap scum. It makes glass door look fogged. It is not difficult to clean if you do it weekly, or else scum starts building, it becomes utmost difficult to Shower Glass Door shine.

Some cleaner clean glass doors with dishwashing detergent, oven cleaner, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, bleach, plastic squeegee is the best hand tool as metals damage glass material. Prior starting the job, your must read cleaning solutions’ safety instruction cautiously, follow the safety procedure, as most of chemical cleaner is toxic; it contains phosphoric and acetic acid.

Ensure the bathroom is well ventilated and wear rubber glove to keep your skin free from chemical cleaner, now start.

  • Ensure glass doors are dry
  • Test cleaning solutions prior usage on glass doors.
  • Apply cleaner to whole shower doors; leave it for at least 30 minutes.
  • Scrub the surface with soft, non abrasive cloth or sponge that may not scratch the glass.
  • Rinse the door with cold water to remove cleaner and stain.
  • Make use of plastic squeegee to erase extra water.
  • If soap scum still exists, a sharp razor blade could be used for removing any spots
  • Lastly, use dry cloth to wipe down the glass.

A layer of wax on the glass should be applied as it keeps hard water deposits, mildew and soap scum out of the glass. Costly specialized cleaners are not required, as bleach works fine and has the capability to remove mildew in few minutes. Never use full strength bleach on shower glass as it erodes the glass. The ration of 3/4 cup bleach per gallon of water should be ensured. Lastly, don’t skip to rinse while working with bleach as bleach residue damages the grout.